California Dreaming

California Dreaming

Julie Lloyd introduces the new San Francisco Showroom and Design Consultancy

Julie Lloyd is the principal designer, business development manager and owner of Clive Christian Furniture Co. San Francisco.

Fresh out of college in 1993, having studied furniture design, glass crafts and pattern design for her Honours Degree, Julie was interested in pursuing a career in interior design and began her career in her hometown of Preston, Lancashire, England where she was drawn to the challenges of Kitchen design, combining the disciplines of hand-drawn design expression with space planning to bring clients visions to life.

This initial passion for both drawing and technical design served her well when she was introduced to Clive Christian Furniture, she eagerly embraced the methodology of designing to be the best, inspiring clients through beautiful hand-drawn design concepts and manufacturing using the only the finest materials and British Craftsmanship.

As my first love and talent was fine art, I became very interested in the brand principles that design could be art… I was hooked

Julie Lloyd

Emigrating to California in 2000, Julie worked across the state designing statement rooms for notable properties and clients across Orange County, Seattle, and LA.

In 2010 Julie took the bold step to go it alone and set up her own design consultancy - Clive Christian Furniture San Francisco was born. Fast forward three years to move her young family to the Bay Area and a further four years to find the perfect premises, Julie took a break to talk to us about her inspirations and the launch of the new showcase in Autumn 2018.


Hitting the mid-point in my own career I wanted to re-open my own conversation with fine art by exploring how design can become art in its full form beyond the rendering. I aim to inspire and encourage client and designer alike to discuss how we meet the project needs. We review project plans and room imagery and share examples of work. We agree on expectations and I begin the design process, initially hand sketching, proposing materials and finishes before preparing precise plans for manufacture in our UK workshop – it’s very collaborative.

I love helping clients create elegant spaces which simplify their lives and help them realize their own personal style.

Julie Lloyd


Once I really felt the heart of San Francisco’s art and design community beat, I wanted to draw a connection with my home country and culture by getting in step with London through our very own British Luxury Lifestyle Demi Pied Eterre. 

This design studio gives a voice to some ideas as to how we can live a more beautiful life and celebrate and support the creative minds in our midst.  Historic Jackson Square is an area rich in culture and history. The original epi-centre of the art, design and antique industry in the city and home to many top designers and architects. Now an area famed for the city’s finest dining, luxury retail, home furnishings and couture it seemed the perfect spot.


Strengthening the wave of interest in classical and soulful modern design in support of artisan craftsmanship. Increasingly, clients are craving a return to the classics with elegance and simplicity of lifestyle. We are hearing a desire for more soulful living, this is welcome news for designer and artisan craftsmen alike. We’ve somewhat lost touch with the human connection in proportion, materials, and design and it’s time to get it back.

We offer a unique opportunity to surround yourself with the best of London design, British manufacture, and San Franciscan Artisan Craftsmanship; I feel we have created a truly inspirational place where great design collaborations and conversations will naturally happen in the enjoyment of creating the absolute best in design.


Other than designing the new showroom, it would have to be working with the incredible Angela Ahrendts on her new home in the Bay Area. It was an incredible privilege to work so closely with such a visionary and tastemaker in the creation of her own personal space. 

We spent a great deal of time developing Modern Classic Designs carefully balancing his and her spaces and wishes throughout the home. The result is both a grand yet understated interior bridging traditional architecture and clean, modern yet classic decorative elements and finishes.

I’m currently collaborating on a Burr Walnut Architectural Kitchen for Infamous Interior Designer Ken Fulk at St. Joseph’s on Howard Street, SF. Set beneath towering windows in such a dramatic space we were provided an incredible opportunity to showcase how our designs can work in close harmony with interior architecture.


I love to run, swim and hang out with my kids and pets doing whatever they want to do.  My fabulous children get my attention late afternoon and evening as we handle homework, enjoy supper and unplug from the day. If I’m not in the city for a networking design event or a board meeting with The Institute of Classical Architecture I’ll unwind with a run in the hills or a yoga class with friends and catch up on some classic British Drama before I call it a night.


Not giving up! Despite challenges in the market and my own self-belief – I’ve stuck in there and the result is beautiful.


The Clive Christian Furniture Co. San Francisco Showroom & Design Consultancy opens in Autumn 2018.


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