Phil Cole stood in front of a decorated bar - image in black and white style

When I have time on my hands I can be found with my family. There is genuinely nothing I love more than spending time with my wife, daughter and dog. My daughter is approaching two, which is just the best age and her personality has completely exploded over the last few months. We don't get a huge amount of time together during the week, so we always kick the weekend off with family time. Saturday morning in the Cole household consists of a pancake stack, coffee and catching-up.

If I was to ever start collecting something it would be watches. I'm fascinated with the level of detail and craftsmanship that goes into them. An expensive hobby so for now I will remain an admirer. 

An unforgettable place I've visited is Hong Kong. The culture, the people, the buildings, the scenery, it was so unexpected. Whether you have 48 hours or a week, there's a sense of arrival about Hong Kong, you know it's a special place from the minute you set foot. There's an electricity to the place from Kowloon to Hong Kong island, I can't imagine ticking off all 250 islands but it's certainly a destination I could return to again and again. 

Image: Hong Kong Skyline with blue boat floating on the sea .

Luxury is probably one of the most overused words and yet it's one of the hardest to define. For me, true luxury is about the experience, it's about how a person feels when in the moment, either when using a product, interacting with a brand or staying in a place. It's about the lasting impact it has on your senses. I can't think of a single product that I would class as "luxury" that hasn't had a unique and memorable feel, look, taste, smell or even sound. 

My favourite room in the house is the lounge it's the room that we all congregate in as a family. It's frequently covered in toys, crayons and dog fur but it's the room that turns the house into a home.

I’m not a huge fiction reader, I prefer autobiographies and would highly recommend Shoe Dog. The autobiography of Nike founder, Phil Knight it charts the unbelievable struggles and successes on his journey from school leaver to traveller and business owner. This is about the fourth time I’ve read this book now and still find it as fascinating as the first time I picked it up.

Image: Black book titled Shoe Dog by Phil Knight on a white background

My massive guilty pleasure is American country music. Neon Fools, Adam Doleac. I have no idea where or when that started but my Spotify account is covered with country music.

Design is no different from art, it's completely subjective and personal and can resonate with people for all sorts of different reasons. I guess really great design is achieved when it connects with its target audience, regardless of the size of that audience.

One gadget I couldn’t live without is my cocktail making kit. A gift during lockdown for my birthday, it has been in constant use since.  I also don’t think I can drink G&T or scotch on the rocks again without ever using my sphere ice cube tray, yes, I did just say that. For any other trainee mixologists or cocktail or spirit enthusiasts it makes the ice cubes last a full evening…even if the drink requires topping up.

Image: Two cocktail glasses garnished with a slice of lemon and twiggs of rosemary. Both placed on a marble top with rosemary sprigs and a gold spoon placed next to glasses.

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