The three people living or dead that I would invite to a dinner party would have to be;  American cooking teacher and television personality, Julia Child. Renowned for her french cuisine, she would most definitely be cooking! 

Secondly, Elizabeth Cady Stanton, human rights activist and first leader of the woman's right movement in the United States. I was part of the design team who updated her home and I would love to know if she liked it. 

Finally, Dorothy Draper. She was the first to "professionalise" the interior design industry establishing, in 1923, the first interior design company in the United States.  I admire her audacious style and groundbreaking use of colour combinations - I would love to hear the stories of how she broke through the norms back in the day.

I find inspiration in a myriad of formats but I am truly inspired by my fellow design peers. 

My favourite Clive Christian project was (surprisingly) the smallest kitchen I have ever designed! My client, Jeff, purchased the house and land behind his home and wanted to build a lovely garden that led to a guest house to be used when his family came to town. Since this kitchen would have light usage, we were able to use beautifully lacquered Yew wood with inlaid marquetry and natural cherry countertops (even the drainboard!). The combination of white cabinetry against the Yew wood was magical. It was such a luxurious and cosy space for his favourite guests to wake up to and have a warm beverage.

Every kitchen needs to include warmth. It a key design element! I aim to incorporate it within every kitchen I design, be it through clever lighting or natural elements. 

If I could attempt another profession I would take up architecture. I am the daughter of an architect, it's a profession that I have held close for many years. I have a longstanding admiration for the scale and structural form, it drives my passion for design. 

My secret talent is my ability to truly listen to my clients. I always make sure to do one set of plans that fully reflects their thoughts. 

One word I particularly love is elysian - adj. Beautiful or creative, divinely inspired, peaceful and perfect. A word derived from Greek mythology referring to a paradise for heroes, it's a word I try to use as often as I can. 

Other than my family, my most prized possession is my collection of silverware. It has been handed down from past generations and I take great pride in preserving each piece, its an immense feeling knowing I have been a part of its lineage. 

If I had one final meal on earth it would most definitely be Julia Child's Boeuf Bourguignon with mashed potatoes and a glass of pinot noir. Simply divine!

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