Our fictional title is “Light Perpetual” by Francis Spufford.

From the author of the prize-winning “Golden Hill”, a novel that shines with verve and vivacity. Splicing history and fiction, Francis Spufford imagines the what-might-have-been life stories of five children killed in World War II. Ingenious and thought-provoking, its light continues to glow long after the end.  Click here for prices and more information.

For our non-fiction title, we would highly recommend “Princes of the Renaissance” by Mary Hollingsworth.

Bringing all the vim and vigour of the Renaissance alive in this beautifully illustrated book, Mary Hollingsworth’s riveting history tells of the 16th-century princes and artists who made Italy the crucible of creativity that has shaped European culture ever since. Click here for prices and more information.

“The Lost Spells” by Robert MacFarlane and Jackie Morris is a marvellous children’s book.

Author and naturalist Robert Macfarlane and illustrator Jackie Morris have collaborated once again to create an absolute gem of a book – a pocket-size “little sister” to The Lost Words. Inside you’ll find barn owls and red foxes, silver birches and jackdaws, all celebrated with rhythm and colour in what is, essentially, a hymn to the natural world. Click here for prices and more information.

For Interior Design inspiration, we thoroughly enjoy "Old Homes, New Life: The Resurgence of the British Country House" by Clive Aslet and Dylan Thomas. 

The country house has been struggling since WWII, but now a new generation is finding innovative ways to live in these ancient, fragile and poetic places that their families have called home for hundreds of years. Dylan Thomas's superb photography captures the families and their homes in a beautiful yet intimate ‘behind the scenes’ style. Alongside, editor of Country Life, Clive Aslet combines interviews, anecdotes and architectural history to portray the country house in British culture, past and present. Click here for prices and more information.

Cure your wanderlust with “Between the Woods and the Water” by Patrick Leigh Fermor.

There is no better escape than to join the acclaimed travel writer, Patrick Leigh Fermor's youthful journey across 1930s Europe. Frequently praised for his lyrical writing, the delight remains in travelling with him in his picaresque journey past remote castles, mountain villages, monasteries and towering ranges. Click here for prices and more information.

Together, Clive Christian Furniture and Hatchards have curated the ultimate Zoom bookshelves backdrop.  Click here to download your own copy. 

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