A self-confessed perfectionist, Louise is known for her ability to combine style with function, creating spaces that work for each and every client. Known for her calm, elegant schemes accented with antiques, textures and artwork Clive Christian recently worked with Louise Bradley on a styling project within the Weybridge Showroom. 

We met with Louise to conduct a two-part interview series on her inspirations, opinions on key spaces within the home and thoughts on the industry.

You & your home

What was your journey to become a designer?

I started my career in fashion but found it very transient. This led me back to my passion for interiors, with the opening of my Showroom on Walton Street, it was shortly after this that my first client asked that I design their home and from there the business has grown to where it is today.

How would you describe your signature aesthetic and has this changed over time?

I have been designing the classic contemporary aesthetic and neutral colour palette as the heart and soul of the design style, since starting the practice. This aesthetic provides a timeless solution for interiors, unfettered by passing trends. For every client the balance between the classic and contemporary elements of the design is different and it might mean working with original features of the property, introducing antiques found in our favourite Parisian markets, or contemporising the space with interesting textures and surface finishes. I choose a neutral colour palette for our clients' homes to create elegant and calm homes. I'm very particular with the paint shade and fabric hues we choose for our palettes - although they are neutral, they are vibrant with various textures and tones, often taking inspiration from nature. 

Which room do you love the most in your home and why?

It has to be the open space on the basement level of my house. Whilst the property had an existing basement kitchen and dining space, I increased the footprint of both spaces and achieved higher ceilings by digging down and back. The resulting open plan kitchen/dining area/snug became the core of my home, perfect for both relaxing and entertaining. 

If you had to save one item within your home what would it be? 

It wouldn't be an item but my beloved miniature dachshund Ellie. 

You grew up in London, but your style has progressively become inspired by nature and the countryside, would you say this is true? Where do you find your inspiration? 

I am always surrounded by inspiration. From the colour schemes in the window displays of my favourite labels to installations in the V&A or the Design Museum in London. That's what the city brings to my interiors - the life, vibrant atmosphere, impeccable finishes and unique detailing. Whether I'm spending a weekend in the countryside or taking Ellie for our morning walk in Hyde Park, I'm forever in awe of nature's patterns, textures and details. It's the mixture of these inspirations that lends itself the most beautifully to timeless interiors. 

What is your personal style signifier? 

My go to outfit is normally leather trousers and a neutral-coloured cashmere jumper. I need always be comfortable as so often you will be on site! 

What's your most recent "find" and where do you source your feature design pieces? 

When it comes to our feature design pieces, we design these in-house bespoke for our clients. Some of the pieces are then introduced to our collections, launched annually and available from our Knightsbridge Showroom. 

For accessories though, nothing beats Parisian antiques markets for unique pieces and object d'art. 

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