What is one interior design trend you’re really enjoying at the moment?

Together with the design team, we don’t follow fleeting trends. What I’m enjoying at the moment, is noticing how more and more new designers focus on a more eclectic look and understand the mastery of putting together a neutral and timeless interior scheme. It takes practice and dedication, to carefully layer interiors, with art and accessories to give a calm and relaxed space.

Trends are often cyclical and come back around again in a lifecycle, which is one trend you wish would come back and why? Or equally, is there a trend you wish would fade away?

As above, I wish for more and more homes to be created with longevity in mind – creating homes which will stand the test of time, using natural materials which age beautifully and investing in furniture pieces which can become family heirlooms.

It’s been a challenging year for the industry with a lot of the big shows in Milan and Paris cancelled, do you think it will change the nature of the industry, perhaps moving away from seasonality, as done in the fashion industry?

Trade fairs are important for the design industry, to drive business growth, champion new connections and the exchange of the ideas as well as showcase progressive new products. I hope what the current situation can change though, is that it will take the pressure off brands to have new launches yearly or seasonally which are not considered, but simply following and keeping up with marketing cycles. My philosophy is that pieces designed well are timeless.


When embarking on a project, such as your own recent home project, where do you start when it comes to space planning?

We start each of our projects with getting to know our clients, their lifestyles and how they will use their homes every day – from morning family breakfasts to the evening entertaining. The same rules followed designing my own home – I have quickly become my own toughest client. When it comes to the context, we considered the location of the home and its natural surroundings. Thanks to this, we can create beautiful indoor-outdoor spaces, which aid wellbeing and a sense of calm when at home.

What do you consider to be the added touch of luxury in a kitchen?

There are so many ways in which you can add luxury to a kitchen – from state-of-the-art technology, through carefully sourced natural surfaces, to bespoke cabinetry, creating a space for everything.

Do you see any particular trends emerging in the way we live and use the spaces in our homes?

I feel like this year we all got to know our homes intimately and the way we use spaces has changed dramatically. This will develop further as we negotiate new work-life habits and we spend time with family and friends differently too. I’m excited for everybody to use their spaces in line with their lifestyles, understanding how we spend our days, do we have our own spaces in which we can recharge, do we have quiet work environments and do the common spaces work for our socialising needs.

What does a beautifully thought out kitchen mean to you?

A beautifully thought out kitchen can quickly become the heart of the home, especially when it’s effortless to use, thanks to clever spatial planning and aesthetically pleasing design solutions, it should always be a pleasure to spend time in. I love kitchen designs which are directly connected to the entertaining spaces, making for a fantastic evening with friends and family.

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