Achieving an elegant table setting is all about the detail, so we’ve curated some simple tips to help you create the ultimate statement this festive season.

Bring colour to the table! 

Our first tip, use a vibrant, cohesive colour scheme - it brings the tabletop to life! Winter tones of gold, silver and hues of reds, blues and greens are proving extremely popular.

Add colour and variety through your crystalware. One of our favourite examples of this is Baccarat’s Mille Nuits collection - Red crystal champagne flutes are a fun way to incorporate colour into your designed look.  Wine lovers, you may still want to see through your glass to admire what you're drinking - in this case we would suggest adding colourful water tumblers instead.

Mix and match your table accessories.

Make subtle changes with your charger plate or placemat. Swapping out luscious linen for a luxurious, textured, circular placemat can completely change the design as seen in our ‘Cobra’ GF collection below. Equally, changing your charger plate to a white-on-white version is an easy way to completely change the look of your table setting and highlight your accompanying table accessories.

"One of our greatest pleasures is matching tableware, linens and accessories to an interior scheme - pulling together complementing products to create showstopping looks." 

Napkins & Napkin rings are a great way to differentiate and make a statement. For festivities, we love Kim Seybert’s stunning tabletop accessories. Showcased below in stunning metallic hue options, they add glamour to any table.

We also love UK-based Gayle Warwick’s hand detailed festive napkin creations. These napkins come in a range of seasonal motifs and make for an adorable addition to your tabletop.

Add texture to your table.

For a luxurious but more rustic table setting, we’d recommend creating your own winter wonderland. For this, texture is your best friend! Using precious metals, gems and handcrafted wooden pieces together, it gives the desired organic look but ensures elegance and class are retained.  We would include the festive but timeless ‘Song’ collection by Jaune de Chrome with its incredible enamel work and soft, pastel coatings. Or the new 'Art Glaze' collection by Royal Crown Derby. Its artisan makers hand-spray a reactive glaze onto the fine-bone china body which, when fired, creates a unique, textured finish and striking colourway.

“It's amazing what you can achieve when experimenting with texture and using artisanal products to bring a unique style to your table" 

Create height and varied dimensions. 

The final piece on your tabletop that will tie everything together is a striking centrepiece!

For a round table, a bold crystal vase will no doubt achieve the show-stopping look you are going for. We love this magnificent option from Lalique, the Champs-Elysees vase - the perfect final touch!

For a longer, more rectangular table, you could include a candelabra to add height. As well as an exquisite focal point for the table, this will add atmosphere and a comforting ambience as you dine.

Make it a multi-functional space. 

Let’s not forget the moment when the food has been devoured! When eyes are off the cuisine, we would recommend some alternative tabletop items, designed for entertaining. We’ve collated two splendid options that are not only fun for all, but decorative pieces in their own right.

Whether you choose to experiment with pattern, colour or texture this festive season, our simple tips will ensure when hosting this festive period your guests will be blown away by the room they walk into.

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